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Hello Tony from Vietdating website:

My name is Diem Phuong, I live at Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. I like to thank you Vietnam dating site Vietdating has helped me marry an American husband. I have been a single mom for 10 years. From words of friends in the United States introduced me this online Vietnamese dating site so I signed up a personal profile a few years ago. Now I found a good man who is my husband. He went to Vietnam to meet me and we are engaged 6 months already. His name is David. He is in process of sponsoring me to America. I am waiting for a interview for a Visa.

So I am writing this letter to thank you, Tony. I am gratefully thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can you please send me a letter that proves I signed up on this dating website. My profile name is ABC and his profile name is BCA. I need this letter to prove the Consulate that we met each other at this service.

Best regards,

Thank you!


Mr. Tony Tran ,

My name is Dee Hughes . I am a 65 year old female Vietnamese but I write in English because it is easier this way . Around August 2017, my brother went on your website and found his soulmate . The girl and my brother did not put their real names on the profile . He just sent in K1 Visa petition in Dec 2018 . The girl already deleted her profile not long after they communicated because she did not want to look for more guys . I would like to know is there a way you can go back look it up and provide a letter proving they met on vietdating website ? If it is possible to get a letter from you for the girl's interview day in the future , what informations from them do you need ? I think my brother did not delete his profile .

I have to personally thank you because your website really changed my brother's life . He is a lot happier now since he already had the engagement party in VN . This girl is the second girl he met on your site . My brother and my future sister in law never read articles you wrote on your site . Their purpose is just to look for boyfriends or girlfriends . I did not know this site either . After my brother told me about vietdating, I read most of all the articles you posted on this site . So I know how to contact you while they still don't know how . Once again , thanks for your efforts to help other people looking for potential soulmates . You probably already helped quite a lot of couples already . All your articles provide very good information for people to understand and watch out for con artists . I hope to hear from you soon . Thank you very much .

Chao Anh Tony,

Em ten Kevin (vietdating nick: AAA) would like to say thank you for helping the vietnamese singles a means to find love on the internet. Thru your website, I found a love of my life. We plan to get marry soon. I am in the process of filing for Fiance Visa and they asked for the Certificate that your website is not a dating broker. I'd greatly appreciate you can send me this certificate to my email so I can complete the paperwork. Good Luck and have a wonderful day.


(Nick : AAA)


Hello Admin,

My long distance love has been successful through your dating site and I am writing this letter as my appreciation for your hard work in creating such a great service. My name is Chuck Nguyen I live in Las Vegas California. I signed up at your dating site to find a Vietnamese girlfriend and finally found her. is my solution. I met her. She lives in Falls Church Virginia. I found her two years ago on your website.

I flew to VA to meet her after we've talked for about four months. She was great. We got married last week after dating for 1+ year. Your service is great. You know what? First of all, I've contacted with a few Vietnamese girls on your site before I finally met her. She was the best of my list.

Again, thank you for your great service. I found my soul mate. I appreciated your help.

Chuck Nguyen from Las Vegas, California USA (June 18, 2013)


I wish I could find a single husband who loves me from the bottom of his heart. I don't need money, but his love is the utmost important matter for me.


I live in Thot Not Can Tho, Vietnam. I was divorced four years ago. I have one daughter who is on 8 grade. I would like to find a life mate who can share the joys and happiness in life, who is honest. I need a matured man to get married so we can grow old together. A man I am looking for doesn’t have to be rich but need to be respectful and faithful, who knows to keep a happy family.


My name is Huong, I am born on 1991, 1.58 meter tall and 49 kg. I live in Lam Dong Vietnam. I am not married. I don’t have kid. I am working for a seafood export company at Da Lat city. I have four siblings. My older brothers got married and had kids. I like to find a good man for life term marriage.

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