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    Love & Marriage

    Reasons Vietnamese women prefer to marry Western men

    Vietnamese women are pursuing to find Western men for love and marriage which has become a phenomenon in recent years. Vietnamese women, especially models, beauty, famous artists, rushing to get married with foreign husbands, or to be more specific, Western men. This article will list reasons why single men in the West or Western expats are chosen by many Vietnamese women. Vietnamese women prefer to marry foreign men Many Vietnamese women in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon city) or those oversea Vietnamese women in the US, Canada, Australia and others countries are looking for Western men for marriage. That’s sad for Vietnamese men. There are many articles disparaging Vietnamese men…

  • Vietnam dating apps
    Dating reviews

    The best Vietnamese dating sites & apps to find true love

    If you’re a single woman or man looking for the best Vietnamese dating sites & apps to find true love, then this article is for you. I will write a review on the top Vietnam dating apps and sites that you can understand each and decide which one to join with. Vietnam dating sites & singles app Nowadays, with the development of technology, singles can connect more easily through dating apps or sites. If you are a single person who wants to find the other half without knowing any, the best hottest Vietnam dating site and singles apps below will give you many options to find the right person for…

  • Vietnamese girl
    Vietsingle tips

    14 tips to conquer Vietnamese girls for foreign men

    Many foreign men never know how to flirt with a Vietnamese girl. This makes you miss many opportunities in attracting women. You know her at Vietnam dating sites or through introductions from friends, this article shares the psychological tips to conquer single Vietnamese women for foreign men to be successful to win their heart. Tips to conquer Vietnamese women Men always keep in themselves the image of a hero, a knight in a sparkling shirt. Above all, they always want to help and protect the girl he loves. So first you have to understand the greatest need in men’s love for women: Attention, understanding, respect, conscientiousness, feeling valued. Here are…

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